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A Rogue by Any Other Name - Sarah MacLean Excuse me while I go seek out all Sarah MacLean's other historical romances. I find that I simply must read them all. Have you ever picked up a book only to discover that its genre is exactly what you needed? That's what A Rogue by Any Other Name did to me: historical romances are my current choice of book drug. And I'm not ready to give it up.A Rogue by Any Other Name came recommended to me by Nikki. I've always enjoyed historical romances, but they seem to inevitably land in my second spot. I love them, but... there's always another genre that occupies the number one spot. But this book taught me that sometimes you just need to embrace the historical. Fantastic recommendation, Nikki.This was, for me, a pure escape read. One, like Maya Banks's Highlanders series, I devoured in a single day. It's the type of book you throw yourself into the arms of and swoon a little. Yeah, I went there. So what?From a historical romance standpoint, A Rogue by Any Other Name was a fairly straightforward book. But I had ALL THE EMOTIONS and enjoyed the journey that Bourne and Penelope were on. Nothing fells me quite like the stupid, pig-headed male realizing his intelligent wife is exactly the one he needs. (And let's not forget the sex. Because really, ladies.)The scandals and scoundrel aspect of A Rogue by Any Other Name was fun. Historical settings often focus on what's proper, and so anything that's not is, of course, deliciously naughty. One might even say wanton if one was so inclined. (I am, of course.) So this? This was definitely the perfect way to spend an afternoon. And I must prepare for my trip to the library to get more Sarah MacLean books. *walks off in a swirl of skirts*