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Storm - Brigid Kemmerer Well. I started Storm late one evening--eight or nine--and couldn't pull myself away from it until I'd finished. And considering I'm in the middle of an adult historical romance bender and Storm is YA paranormal, that's a high compliment. I thought I was burnout on YA paranormal. Not, apparently, if it's from Brigid Kemmerer.Another reason I know this series rocks? I was able to handle a--wait for it--love triangle. And you know how I hate those. And I hated this one too, but it made sense. It wasn't overdone. If I can tolerate that, then the story has to be good. #LogicI find myself clamoring for the next book in the Elemental series because for as much as we learn in Storm, there is a lot more left to learn. We're with Becca, who knows nothing. We're with Chris, who knows what's happening, but as a narrator, he is slow to give up his secrets. Brigid Kemmerer nailed the "just enough information to keep me feverishly reading, but not revealing so little that I want to give up reading" line.It's a tough line to walk, y'all.I am intrigued by this elemental world. But I like elemental powers. And I like how they were explained in Storm. Even though I know, without a doubt, there is more information to be had. I more more Elemental world. I want more Merrick brothers. Their family dynamic is a bit heart-wrenching. I liked Becca. She wasn't damsel in distress, but she wasn't "I don't need anybody" either. She was real. Real is good.Bottom line: I want more.