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The Duchess War - Courtney Milan Whee! More Courtney Milan. After reading The Governess Affair, I was excited to dive into The Duchess War and see the brothers in action. I wasn't disappointed.One aspect of The Duchess War I enjoyed was that Robert, our hero, was not suave. By any means. He was passionate about his causes and funny and moral, but not a charmer of the ladies. Unless you're charmed by lines like, "You have magnificent tits." He's not the typical historical romance hero, and I found that I liked it.But Minnie was fun. She has secrets. Scandals. Backbone. Robert never stood a chance. I always enjoy a heroine who's progressive and smart beyond the times. Minnie certainly fits that role. Strong heroines for the win!The Duchess War also introduces other characters in the Brothers Sinister series and I can't wait to dive into their own stories. Though the series surrounds the brothers (and their group), there's a strong focus on women and as much as I love a good hero, woman power is where it's at.