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Highlander Most Wanted - Maya Banks Maya Banks never fails to elicit extreme emotion from me. And then you get conversations like this:Amanda: *flails* MAYA BANKS, WHAT YOU DO TO ME!Kelly: YESSSSS!Amanda: I NEED MOAR HIGHLANDERS *FLAILS*Kelly: Don't you LOVE them????Amanda: THEY MAKE ME WANT TO WEEP WITH JOY.Kelly: LOL! Did you finish the book?Amanda: Yes. Just did. I WANT MOAR.Kelly: The 3rd book doesn't come out until MARCH! WOE WOE WOE.Amanda: Noooooooo. But it's Brodie and Taliesan. AND THAT'S WHAT I WANT.Kelly: I knooooooow.Amanda: But I also want a story for ALL THE BROTHERS. And Rorie. ALL THE SIBLINGS.Kelly: I AGREE!Amanda: Gah. I NEED ALL THE MAYA BANKS HIGHLANDERS NOW.ALL THE MAYA BANKS HIGHLANDERS. Is it March yet? No? Dammit. I suppose I'll have to actually write a review then.I picked up Highlander Most Wanted on my birthday bookstore trip. I've found that Maya Banks's Highlander books cut through any reading apathy or afternoon with ease. They're perfect escape books, and Highlander Most Wanted was no exception.Maya Banks has a formula, to be sure. But each couple is so carefully nuanced that it never feels like a formula. Genevieve has had a shitty year. Captured by a bastard, she's given up hope. UNTIL BOWEN SHOWS UP. Watching the fierce warrior fall under her spell never gets old. NEVER. And I want more.The Montgomery and the Armstrong siblings are the perfect companions to spend an afternoon with. Whenever I need an escape read, they deliver. (Yeah. They deliciously deliver.) And sometimes, we need the escape reads--the ones that have us reading cover to cover without little pause because we can't tear ourselves away. And Maya Banks hasn't failed me yet.