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Of Poseidon  - Anna Banks, Rebecca Gibel Audiobook specific: Of Poseidon is definitely one of the better audiobooks I've listened to, narrator-wise. Each character had its own distinct voice. Normally I'm not a fan of cross-gender voices (because they just sound odd), but Rebecca Gibel was fantastic. I honestly think that, had I not listened to this, I would have given up on the book long before I finished.I was a little hesitant about Of Poseidon at first: ALL THE TINGLES and third person present tense narration both set me a little on edge. Seriously, the tingles. They happened a lot in the first few chapters and thank goodness they stopped because the tingling was concerning. The third person present tense didn't necessary get better, but I did eventually settle into it.Beyond chapter 5, I think it was, when ALL THE TINGLING stopped and things started picking up, I began to fall into the story a bit better. Kind of. As intrigued and curious I was about the story, I found Emma to be rather annoying--full of "typical YA heroine" traits and frustratingly dense at times. Galen, I think, suffered from some of the same issues.Of Poseidon is peppered with humor, but it skipped back and forth between feeling like it was trying too hard and making me snicker in amusement. As much as I rolled my eyes at the characters, though, I couldn't stop listening. And toward the end, I was forcing myself to go for walks every day (this is my only audiobook-listening activity) just so that I could finish it.The world was addictive. And the ending pissed me off because how could you end there? So now I want the next book. But I'm perturbed by the wanting. *makes crazy eyes at everyone*This story is far from over. The answers we got in Of Poseidon were slow in coming, and the ending practically blew up with revelations. And yeah, I want to know what happens next.