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Siege and Storm - Leigh Bardugo Oh, Leigh Bardugo. What have you done to me?Shadow and Bone leaves Mal and Alina fleeing to 'safety'. But let's be honest: as long as the Darkling is alive, Alina will never be safe--nor will anyone else. And if you thought the Darkling was dangerous in Shadow and Bone, the Darkling of Siege and Storm is even more so.And I am intrigued. Because who the Darkling is and what he does changes Alina and drives Siege and Storm forward. The Darkling is why Alina is who she is. And the relationship between the two is one that I'd like more of a chance to poke and prod at. It's not easily defined.Alina is beginning to grow into her powers, but growing into her powers has consequences and complications. For who she is. For her relationships. For how people react to her. And it had me turning the pages as fast as I could, trying to read more.There are a lot of factors at play here. A lot. The world that fractured in Shadow and Bone has only continued unraveling and unraveling and unraveling. We get introduced to new characters. The notorious privateer? Probably my favorite new addition. And I want more of him.And the ending? I need it to be 2014 now so I can get my hands on Ruin and Rising. Siege and Storm is a satisfying second book in the Grisha trilogy. Not quite as hypnotizing as Shadow and Bone, but still enough to break my brain and have me aching for the final installment.