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Second Grave on the Left - Darynda Jones I'm still in love with Charley and her humor (there is a strong Stephanie Plum link here) but I was not able to connect to the logic behind Charley's choices, which messed with my overall enjoyment of the book.I actually also cooled in my feelings toward Reyes. I loved how mysterious and orgasmic he was in the first book of the series, but this book seemed to hinge on the "relationship" they developed in the first book. I put relationship in quotes because a) I didn't quite buy the fated lovers aspect and b) I don't know that Reyes popping in and out of Charley's life really constitutes a relationship.I'm warming up to Garrett, though.Charley is beginning to learn more about herself and her powers, and though I was interested in this, there wasn't much exploration of it until the very end of the book (I'm hoping for more in future books).Despite my lukewarm feelings toward some of the aspects of the second installment, I have plans of continuing with the series. Just after a little break.