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Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake Original review: http://onabookbender.com/2011/10/24/review-anna-dressed-in-blood-by-kendare-blake/It is fascinating the way something as simple as choosing present tense over past tense can affect a story. The use of present tense somehow made the story a little more creepy as though the future is unknown and not at all certain of a favorable outcome, and Cas’s narration seem so very real, as though we were observing over his shoulder rather than being a disconnected reader.For some reason, books don’t creep me out and scare me as much as TV or movies. I walked to the neighbors and back at night after starting Anna Dressed in Blood and was somehow not any more scared than usual (seriously, the woods at night are creepy). But there is a definite scary feel to Anna Dressed in Blood that has you thinking about ghosts a little differently and watching everything just a little bit closer.I really enjoyed Cas. I got the whole teenage boy vibe from his narration, low on the emotional angst (which is always a nice break) and moderate on the swearing. And though there was swearing, I always felt that it was appropriate for Cas and whatever situation he was in. It was never overused, and for a 17 year old boy, I expect some swearing.Anna is such a conflicting and horrifying character. She is unusual, even for Cas’s world. Both Cas and Anna seem to be inexplicably drawn toward each other. What makes Anna such a fantastic character is the dichotomy of her actions as a ghost and the tragedy of her death.I thought the ending wrapped up pretty quickly, maybe too quickly, but not enough to detract from my enjoyment of the story. For as much as we experienced in Anna Dressed in Blood, and how much I came to know — and like — Cas, I also realized that, upon finishing, there was still a lot we don’t know. I am definitely looking forward to Girl of Nightmares, though the thought of waiting another year is not appealing.Originally read: 10/14/2011--10/15/2011Reread (audiobook): 8/31/2012