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Moonglow: Number 2 in series (Darkest London)

Moonglow  - Kristen Callihan I did a revisit review on the first book in this series, Firelight, and couldn't resist doing another for Moonglow. This series is that good. Intriguing world, fun characters, and seriously steamy scenes. What's not to love?Moonglow starts off with a bang--not literally--with a quick introduction to little Ian and his...issues. In many ways, this sets the tone for the book: amusing and sexy. The banter between Daisy and Ian is one of my favorite parts of Moonglow. The verbal warfare increased the tension and catapulted the book forward, making it hard to put down. MOAR SEXY BANTER!And props to Kristen Callihan for the almost-sex scene in the carriage. *fans self*Moonglow expands the Darkest London world, diving into werewolf lore--or rather, lycan lore. It's intriguing in its differences, yet grounded enough in what we're familiar with to avoid confusion. We're also introduced to a new kind of paranormal creature that I hope we get to learn more about in future books.We get to revisit--briefly--Miranda and Archer, though the side character focus seems to be centered on future couples. However. HOWEVER. I hope we get to see more Daisy and Ian in future books; their story seems to be just beginning. And for the record, I was able to guess the identity of the werewolf before it was revealed, though there was enough OTHER STUFF happening that took me by surprise.Moonglow was able to kick my reading apathy out the door, and whenever books can do that, I know I've found a winner. Now I'm dying to get my hands on Winterblaze. I need to know what happens next.