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Biting Cold (Chicagoland Vampires Series #6)

Biting Cold (Chicagoland Vampires Series #6) - 3.5Back at the end of 2011, I tore through this series, devouring books two through five within a month and culminating with a signing with Chloe Neill. I hardcore LOVED this series. It seems, though, that with time, my rabid passion for this series has lost its rabidness*.Don't get me wrong: this was a solid Chicagoland Vampires book. I liked it. Merit is still determined to save Chicago at all costs, Ethan is still as sexy as sin, and the supernatural shenanigans abound. I think the problem is me (and my reading slump) or the length of time between books (over a year for me).One aspect I really appreciated about Biting Cold was that even though it's been more than a year since I picked up Drink Deep, I had no trouble whatsoever sliding back into Merit's world and all that was happening without doing any rereading. I liked the way that Merit's world gets more complicated without being difficult to follow along. Things are happening, but it's never confusing. And it's always fascinating. Merit's world is often a very political one--politics steeped in magic.I think that Merit is becoming more likable with each book as she grows into her position. She's got some things going on that really work for her, but she's also quite involved in other...things that could blow up in her face eventually. (Which only makes me want to pick up House Rules, the next book in the series.)*When I originally read this series, I was listening to Adele's 21 album on repeat. For a while, Adele's songs became synonymous with the Chicagoland Vampires. Part of me wonders if I would have been able to recapture my feelings if I had remembered to listen to Adele while reading Biting Cold.