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Hunted by the Others

Hunted By The Others - Jess Haines My interest in this book stems from the fact that Jess started following me on Twitter. (Tentacle sex brings out all the fun people.) I love chatting with her, so it was only natural that I check out her books, too. I was not disappointed.You know how sometimes you need a book that's easy, uncomplicated, and fun? That was Hunted by the Others for me. Urban fantasy seems to be my go-to genre whenever I'm waffling on book choice. Occasionally, you just need a book that feels good. And Hunted by the Others made me feel good.One thing I like about this world--other than getting many supernatural creatures (vampires, and werewolves, and mages--oh my)--is that the supernatural is built seamlessly into current history. It gives us a bit of an alternative history of sorts. And it is FUN.I also liked that Shia is NOT the "only one who can save the world". In fact, she's remarkable only in her unremarkableness, and that's what makes her so much fun. She's REAL. And HUMAN. And it's very easy to imagine yourself in her place. (Even though you probably don't want to.)Though the mystery wasn't necessarily riveting, it was FUN, and I didn't figure it out until everything was revealed. The love interests were a bit take 'em or leave 'em (i.e., there wasn't a big drive to get attached), though the ending of Hunted by the Others had me EAGERLY anticipating book 2. Because, guys, things happen.THINGS HAPPEN. And I liked that.Overall, this was a solid book. If you're craving UF, but not needing anything overly complicated (read: FUN and easy), Hunted by the Others is a good go to.