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Nightshade - Michelle Rowen I've been on an urban fantasy kick lately, and Nightshade satisfied my craving for more UF. (MOAR UF!) This was another UF that wasn't OHMAHGAWD AMAZING, but it was good, and I read it in a day. That doesn't happen with many books anymore.Nightshade has a particularly interesting twist on the normal supernatural UF. SCIENCE. (And I can see why Tara liked it.) It was definitely a seamless addition to the world building, and it was fabulously done.The only thing that really knocked this from an 8 (4) to a 7 (3.5) for me was the pace of the plot. It seemed like it went on too long, and that gave me the opportunity to start questioning things. (And questioning always leads to getting critical for me.) Don't get me wrong; I liked what happened. It just seemed like it should have ended earlier, if that makes sense.But I LIKED what happened. And guys, THINGS HAPPEN. It was fun and deceiving and intriguing and awesome. Jillian really draws the short end of the stick with this, but she deals, and deals pretty well, at that. Nothing is ever quite what you think it is. And the romance... that has me intrigued for what happens in the next book. There are enough questions left remaining that THINGS could really HAPPEN.