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Trapped (The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book Five)

Trapped - Kevin Hearne This series fucking rocks. Yes, the swearing is necessary. Kevin Hearne manages to shove Atticus's personality off the pages and straight into your brain, making these stories so deliciously addicting. Delicious like the Atticus cover model or chocolate or whatever food slides you into a state of bliss. (See? I'm avoiding the pajama comparison. I'm sticking to food instead.)Most of what happens in Trapped is a direct result of all the shenanigans that went down in Hammered. All these forces are beginning to swirl around Atticus and well, shit is gettin' serious. (The ending is cruel, by the way. CRUEL. It's why I want it to be June. I also want it to be June so it's not cold anymore, but that's off topic.) But Atticus continues to come up with plans that are simply delightful. (Delightful in the way you might clap your hands in excitement over diabolical plans, all the while laughing a little maniacally.) These stories are worth reading for the shenanigans alone.Granuaile takes more of a prominent role in Trapped, and I have to say that I'm really liking how bad ass she is. She may not have Atticus's years of wisdom, but she is smart and crafty and is definitely a Druid to be reckoned with. There are also certain...developments in this story. And, as I so often say: THINGS HAPPEN. I was also pretty sure that it was impossible for Oberon to become more charming and entertaining, but I was so very wrong. Oberon remains one of my favorite sidekicks.Though it's a bit jarring at first to realize that Trapped starts off TWELVE YEARS after Tricked, it's quickly forgotten, because Kevin Hearne really does make it that easy to jump back into this world. And I can't wait until we found out what trouble Atticus gets himself out off next.