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Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror)

Dead Sky Morning (Experiment in Terror) - Karina Halle 3.5After reading The Benson--the novella between this book and Red Fox--I was really looking forward to Dead Sky Morning. The Benson really capitalized on everything I really love about this series and is, to date, my highest rated EIT book. For some reason, though, the full-length books tend to fall a little lower on my enjoyment scale, and I've spent the last few books trying to pinpoint exactly why that is. At this point, I think it comes from Perry's narration: she spends a lot of time rehashing things and often takes away my ability to draw conclusions for myself. This often colors my perception of the situations she finds herself in.But seriously, guys. THINGS HAPPEN in this book. THINGS. Dastardly and bastardly things are afoot. When Perry and Dex go to a former leper colony and camp, there are so many ways their trip could go wrong. SO. MANY. WAYS. And many of them do. I love the creep factor in Dead Sky Morning, the utter aloneness, and the slow, unrelenting spiral in madness (are they really going mad? or is it something else entirely? dun-dun-dun). And a leper colony. This alone is enough to make you shiver. And sad. The underlying story and all the ghosts and EVERYTHING (is this vague enough? I hope so) was satisfying in its scary factor. WHAT WILL HAPPEN? WILL DEX AND PERRY SURVIVE? Dun-dun-dun. (These feel appropriate. Trust me.)It is impossible to review an Experiment in Terror book without mentioning the relationship between Dex and Perry. Though I'm not even really sure what to say. The relationship is simultaneous clear and confusing. And I love hate idontknowwhat it. Things definitely happen here as well, but not quite what you may expect. Or maybe you expected it. OR MAYBE YOU DIDN'T. I do like how these adventures throw them together and force them to get all up in each other's space. It makes interesting revelations tumble out and emotions run high, the latter of which leads to good drama.I may have to start reading Lying Season now.