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Lord's Fall - Thea Harrison *flails*Oh. Oh, this book. I went into this book not really sure what to expect. I often find established couples (i.e., couples who have found their HEA in a previous book) to have lost the spark that made their romance so much fun in previous books. Cat and Bones in the Night Huntress is an example of this, for me. And while Lord's Fall can in no way be comparable to Dragon Bound in terms of the explosive nature of Dragos and Pia's relationship, I find that I love both books equally, for very different reasons. Thea Harrison capitalizes on these two characters' fierce personalities, showcasing just how difficult it can be to make a relationship work--and how rewarding it is when it does.Lord's Fall does a good job of expanding on the world of the Elder Races and circling back around to issues that were created in previous books (issues with the Elves, the loss of Tiago and Rune). It also focuses on who Pia and Dragos are as individuals and as a couple. Relationships are a complicated dance, where it's easy to step on your partner's toes (or feelings). Lord's Fall answers the question: what happens after the HEA? The craziness of mating has eased a bit, and Pia and Dragos fight to learn how to be more than combustible in the bedroom.I thought I could love Dragos no more than I did after reading Dragon Bound. I was wrong. He is so unyielding, and yet he tries so very hard to overcome every domineering instinct to be what Pia needs him to be. His sharp edges get softer and harder, all at once. I am completely and utterly flaily about Dragos--and this book. The ending just about killed me. At first, I wanted to say that Lord's Fall is more about what is happening in the Elder Races world than what happens with Dragos and Pia, but that's wrong. Their story is as powerful as it is subtle, their love for each other deepening and growing throughout their experiences both apart and together.The Sentinel Games (and the core group of old Sentinels and potential ones Dragos expected to see in the future) give us the hope that this world is far, far from being over (in a series sense, not apocalyptic way). I think Thea Harrison has given us a good clue about whose story is coming next (and confirmed it on her Facebook page) and it promises to be a doozy. And AND! Pia's group of psychos, as she fondly referred to them, was so very fun to get to know. The way that these characters bond with each other just tickles me to death. *flails*