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Fantasy Lover (Dark-Hunter Series Prequel)

Fantasy Lover (Dark-Hunter Series Prequel) - Actual rating: 3.5I was really very curious about how this ‘little’ curse would be broken. It didn’t seem possible. I enjoyed Sherrilyn Kenyon’s writing style (other than the constant reference to Julian smelling like sandalwood which I found a little distracting for whatever reason) and how we came to know Julian as a man at the same time as Grace. His character seemed to unfold across the pages, and I found him to be far more interesting and complex than Grace (though I liked her just fine). This was a quick read, but it never felt rushed. In fact, I think that because there was a set limit to the amount of time Julian was allowed out of his book (a month), it lent itself to a more realistic time frame to fall in love (opposed to a few days or a couple weeks in some books).Read full review here.