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Alien Tango - Gini Koch Actual rating 3.5As much as I loved Martini in the previous book, he got on my nerves in this one. He definitely redeemed himself at the end, which just now got me thinking that while not necessarily intended to annoy me, Martini’s insecurities were somewhat vital to the plot line. It still made me want to shake him, though.The space entity was a fun and interesting addition to the cast. I am interested to see how it is incorporated into the next book(s). Now that Kitty and Martini are together, or “getting closer” as the summary indicates, some of the fun of their relationship seems missing. Perhaps there was less fun banter, and more sex. Sex is good and all, but fun banter is important, too, and I felt that some of that was missing from this book when compared to the first.Sometimes I felt lost in the description of action scenes, like I could not picture where and how everything was going down. I don’t know if that’s me, the book, or what. Kitty is an incredibly popular (or unpopular, as the case may be) in this book, and Gini Koch did a fantastic job of weaving two seemingly unrelated “situations” into one. The Martini family drama was fun – of course Kitty prevails, and has everything under control and figured out. As much as Kitty gets crap for being dense, sometimes I think the A-Cs (for as smart as they are) are actually quite dense on occasion, themselves. Chuckie made it into the fray this time (not really surprised, there), and while we certainly knew – even if Kitty didn’t – that Chuckie was going to be another contender for Kitty’s affections, who he turns out to be came as a surprise. A good one, because it means we’ll see more of him in the future.See my review in its entirety here: http://onabookbender.com/2011/05/25/review-alien-tango-by-gini-koch/