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Dragon Bound (Elder Races, #1) - Thea Harrison Actual rating 4.5When I first fell in love with romance novels, I was a die-hard fan of Linda Howard and Elizabeth Lowell because they wrote love stories that were both heart- and gut-wrenching. Thea Harrison has managed to remind me why I love to read romance novels. In many ways, this is the book that I have been dying to read for months; the kind of book that makes your heart clench and soar right along with its characters.Dragos was a fascinating character from the beginning. Though a dragon, he can assume the appearance of a human. But he lacks the kind of complexities that weigh humans down and keep them from experiencing life in its truest form. He is narrow-minded and focused on getting what he wants (Pia). In a genre where instant attraction can go awry so easily, Thea Harrison had a way of making the romance between Dragos and Pia seems as if it had to happen; their love was as natural as it was necessary. You put a male lead who is terrifying and seemingly unlovable in his ruthlessness and desire to be alone along with a heroine that is headstrong and insecure, yet still able to stand up for what she thinks is right, and you’ve got me swooning.There is so much emotional tension between Dragos and Pia. Every book that I have read lately falls flat in their ability to tap into the roller-coaster of emotions that I look for in a book. Pia is distrustful, and rightfully so. Dragos is determined, but confused by his feelings. The ensuing conflict that this creates makes the story so much more believable – and amazing. They fought others, they fought with each other, and they fought their inner selves. And yet, we all — reader and character, alike — yearned for a resolution.There was never a dull moment in Dragon Bound. Even has I noted how much had happened in such a short time, I hoped that the story would go on forever. I was disappointed when it was over, because I had been irrevocably drawn to Dragos and Pia, and couldn’t stand an end to their love story. I felt compelled to read at the risk of shucking my responsibilities as a teacher — my students probably wouldn’t have minded not having a quiz, but it was with much difficulty that I pulled myself away from this story to do anything remotely productive. Dragon Bound rates among some of the best books I have read this year, right along side books such as the Night Huntress series.Full review: http://onabookbender.com/2011/06/17/review-dragon-bound-by-thea-harrison/