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Split Second - Catherine Coulter Full review: http://onabookbender.com/2011/07/18/review-split-second-by-catherine-coulter/The vast majority of this plot belongs in the mystery or suspense genre. If it had stayed there, I would have been okay with it. But the ring that Lucy finds brings a paranormal element that feels out of place with the rest of the story, and this only served to make me more skeptical about the ring’s powers. This was a mystery set in reality — save for the ring. If there had existed other magical objects capable of power outside the normal human capacity, this aspect would have been easier to swallow.The romance between Coop and Lucy was weak, fast, and seemed to happen when we were not watching. It was easy to see that it was happening, sure, but we were never able to experience it the way I would have liked in a romantic suspense novel. The character perspective shifts were also a little rough; a few times, the character had switched before I realized, and I was left wondering why that particular character was having those thoughts until I reread the passage. I know that Savich and Sherlock are important figures in this series, but I was not sold on their characters.On a positive note, the mystery itself was entertaining and left me wondering what would happen next. The question here was less of “Who did it?” and more “When will he be caught?” which had me intrigued, and kept me turning the pages.