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False Memory - Dan Krokos Original review (10/1/2012): http://onabookbender.com/2012/10/01/review-false-memory-by-dan-krokos2.5I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this, but… this book didn’t have enough angst in it for me. With Miranda’s total and complete emotional upheaval and everything that is done with her memory, I needed more to connect with her and feel her pain–feel that she was real. In some ways, she acts robotic almost, and I had a hard time caring about Miranda and the other characters. If your entire world is turned upside down, wouldn’t you experience something tremendous and crazy? She was too bad ass for me. I want a little softness and vulnerability in my strong female leads.A love triangle makes an appearance in False Memory as well. Not only am I not a fan of love triangles (as many of you already know), but I also had trouble connecting with Miranda’s feelings for each of the two boys. I wanted more angst between Miranda and her old boyfriend; I wanted the relationship to be volatile and mirror what went on between them. Instead, Miranda dealt with everything pretty well. Likewise, I didn’t understand the relationship between Miranda and Peter and why that blossomed. It just…happened.I initially liked the premise of this book, with genetically-altered teens and a plan to bring the world into chaos. It was good. But then it kept expanding and widening, and eventually the plot just became too much and I stopped trying to track each new twist and turn. Part of me wonders if I’m simply not the right target market for this book. It’s entirely possible. I’m a very character-driven reader (excepting, for the most part, mysteries), and this book didn’t hit the right notes for me in the character department.