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Red Fox - Karina Halle 3.5It’s rare for me to get scared while reading. I don’t know if I just don’t scare easily while reading, or if the authors I’m reading never quite push me over the edge. Either way, Red Fox was scary. There’s something about this story that makes you want to run away screaming in fear because shit gets real, people/things keep trying to kill Perry and Dex, and no one knows why. In a way, this book replicates a lot of the feelings that I love about a good mystery thriller, except with the supernatural.Though sometimes there are certain aspects that are way, way too easy to guess or make connections, (Really, Perry? The hairbrush? I saw that one coming a mile away even if you didn’t), there was certainly enough left unanswered to keep me reading to find out what happened, and, you know, to make sure that Perry and Dex don’t die. Despite their flaws, I like both of them. I struggle with Dex a bit, but I’m a person who thrives on lack of ambiguity, and Dex happens to be one very confusing person. Just when you think you’ve finally figured him out, he does a 180. And this drives me crazy. But I definitely liked Red Fox Dex better than Darkhouse Dex.In fact, this second installment in the Experiment in Terror series is even better than the first. That’s the mark of a good series, in my opinion, and I am looking forward to continuing (also, thank you, Kelly, for telling me to download The Benson; you were right: I wanted it once I finished Red Fox). If you need a good, scary book for this Halloween–or for any time, really–I’d recommend this series. After all, if it can scare me, it’ll probably scare you, too.Red Fox was a free Kindle book I downloaded on May 11, 2012 for the Why Buy the Cow? reading challenge.