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On the Edge (Edge Series #1) - Original review: http://onabookbender.com/2012/06/11/review-edge-ilona-andrews/Declan is naughty. I just reread the last few pages of this book before I started by review, and that’s what I thought upon finishing. It has little bearing on this review, though. Well, unless you like your heroes a little naughty, then it means everything! Okay. Right. Moving on.I had very few expectations going into On the Edge, other than it was an Ilona Andrews book. And other than being written by Ilona Andrews and there being some kind of magic, there doesn’t appear to be many similarities. Well, except that the book is awesome. But, that’s not really where I was going with that. The point here is that the Kate Daniels and Edge series are very very different from each other. And I liked that. I didn’t even realize that this series was a PNR until I had finished this book and went in search of the synopsis for the next book and realized there was a different couple. I mean, yes, On the Edge is most definitely a PNR. DEFINITELY. I just was on my own little planet and wanted more of Rose and Declan, I think.Though there is still a lot left to learn about this world, I felt that the differences between the Broken, the Edge, and the Weird were pretty well covered. I am eager to learn more about the various types of magic and paranormal creatures there are. I found the Edge to be haunting: this place where people don’t belong in either the Broken or the Weird, where there is no justice or assistance — just people barely scraping by and surviving to the best of their abilities. I felt for Rose, and I admired her determination to take care of her brothers and her home. Declan was a very enigmatic character who was difficult to figure at first, but I slowly came to love him, too. And did I mention he’s naughty? Wickedly so.I read On the Edge in a single day, so you know it was something that held my interest easily. Some of the Weird information overloaded my brain (as most title heavy worlds do), so I generally just give up on trying to understand it, and just go with it on the assumption that I’ll figure it out later. That kind of thing never really bothers me. The romance between Rose and Declan was fun, like a dance, and first appearances are deceiving (which is all I will say, since anything else would be akin to spoiling something). Overall, On the Edge was a very fun and satisfying book, one that I wouldn’t mind rereading in the future.