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Oracle's Moon - Thea Harrison Original review: http://onabookbender.com/2012/03/05/review-oracles-moon-by-thea-harrison/Oracle’s Moon makes me want to squeal a little and say unhelpful statements such as, “OMG this book is so good!” And, “Go read it!” And, “No, seriously. What are you waiting for? GO READ IT!” I am thinking all those things, but that doesn’t help me when attempting to put together a coherent review. Yes, Oracle’s Moon is so good that it limits my ability to think coherently.For me, Khalil is the reason Oracle’s Moon is on par with Dragon Bound. The reasons I swooned over Dragos are very similar to the reasons I swooned over Khalil, but in a completely new and different way. Both Dragos and Khalil have a disconnect with humanity. But where Dragos is animalistic and driven to acquire whatever he wants through whatever means necessary, Khalil is superior, as if humanity is not a concern of his — at least, until Grace and the kids. One aspect that I really appreciated was how Khalil spoke (and “thought”). It is something that many people may not consciously notice, but it helped to set the tone for Khalil’s character being a Djinn and separated from humans. He was different, and how he spoke reinforced this.There was also something different about the writing style of this book than the style of previous books. Not in a bad way — just different. Because each book in this series seems to be unique to the characters, and we have moved away from the Wyr (Khalil is Djinn and Grace is human), in many ways it makes sense that the writing style would change along with them. Each book in the Elder Races series seems to expand on the world that we first came to know (and love) in Dragon Bound. Thea Harrison weaves the Elder Races into the history of the world so completely that it feels natural and completely believable.Even though there is mystery and intrigue here in regards to the attempts on Grace’s life, the focus of the book is on Grace and Khalil. And the kids. I loved our introduction to the Djinn (even though the focus was more on Khalil himself than the Demonkind as a whole). If you are invested in the Elder Races series, Oracle’s Moon is a must read. And if you’re one of those who feel that the second and third book did not quite live up to the first, Oracle’s Moon will give Dragon Bound a run for its money. Yes, it is that good.