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Storm's Heart - Thea Harrison Original review: http://onabookbender.com/2011/10/05/review-storms-heart-by-thea-harrison/Thea Harrison writes these amazingly fantastical stories that never fail to leave me half-breathless. I stayed up late to read because I simply could not tear myself away from the book. I managed to disengage myself so that I could sleep, and unfortunately, lost some of the momentum from the day before; the story didn’t quite carry on in the second half of the book as it did in the first. It is likely that for this reason alone, I did not rate Storm’s Heart the same as Dragon Bound.While the second book in the Elder Races series is categorically different from the first, it still holds the same kind of breathtaking love story. That Thea Harrison can create the same kind of magical love story while also drafting unique characters with strong personalities and backgrounds speaks to her writing ability and makes her one of those “automatic buy” authors. The quality of Thea Harrison’s writing stands out with rich description and detail.By reading Dragon Bound, we know that there was some tension between Tricks and Tiago. This tension was carried over into Storm’s Heart making it obvious there was more to their relationship than even they knew. Tiago is single-minded when it comes to what he wants and doesn’t let anything stand in his way, and it is this quality that I admire most. I don’t believe in possession for possession’s sake, but rather that the desire to possess speaks of a unyielding bond that cannot be denied. Tricks is a fascinating blend of strength and uncertainty, and I hope that she continues to play a role in future books.Storm’s Heart reads like a storm; it is a frighteningly beautiful story that is tinged with violence and the hint of something that defies civilization with its ancientness. And quite frankly, any book that brings out my creativity and has me putting together words like the previous sentence means that it has resonated deeply.