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One Grave at a Time - Jeaniene Frost Actual rating 3.5Original review: http://onabookbender.com/2011/10/03/review-one-grave-at-a-time-by-jeaniene-frost/Don’t get me wrong — One Grave at a Time is an enjoyable book. But this is Cat and Bones we’re talking about here, and I expect a certain level of snarkiness, heat, and ass kicking. I do not think this book delivered. Heat was replaced with emotion (which is fine; I like all the lovey dovey stuff, but I like my steamy sex scenes, too — just sayin’). Snark came primarily from Ian, which made me hope that he would get his own book soon. And I felt like Cat spent more time getting her ass kicked than she spent doling out the ass kicking.Cat has definitely matured and grown over this series. She is most certainly a lot wiser than she used to be. But it seemed to translate into hiding and planning rather than taking charge and doing something. This is fine, but it is not quite as exciting to read. As a result, some of the story dragged, which made One Grave at a Time easy to put down. Again, that reaction is not what I expect from Cat and Bones.I did enjoy the inclusion of past characters (Spade and Denise) as well as new characters (Tyler is only out witted by Ian, I think), and this aspect was appreciated. The plot was nothing special, and the ending was tied up far too quickly. But honestly, if you love Cat and Bones, you are going to read One Grave at a Time and you are going to like it. Even if it is not on the same level as previous books. It feels complacent, if you will.