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The Iron King (The Iron Fey, #1) - Julie Kagawa Original review: http://onabookbender.com/2011/09/02/review-the-iron-king-by-julie-kagawa/Perhaps that I had been warned it might take time before I got into the book better prepared me than if I hadn’t known. It did take a bit before I settled into the story, but the aforementioned knowledge and a nasty case of cramps (TMI? sorry; reading keeps my mind off the pain) kept me pushing forward. Also, I was slightly weirded out by the names at the very beginning because Kyle has a sister-in-law named Meghann and a brother named Luke. And I’ve got a friend whose son — who is 4 — is named Ethan. Coincidences are fun, no? Maybe it is for this reason many fictional characters have such unique names. Anyway. The Iron King was the first book (I think) I’ve read set in the fae world and about them as well. Other books have features fae characters, either as enemies or very uneasy and untrustworthy allies, so this was an interesting change of pace.Meghan struck me as naive and somewhat annoying at the beginning of The Iron King. A couple times I had to roll my eyes at what she got into. It was probably necessary for the story to move forward, but it still made me roll my eyes. Once Puck, Ash, Meghan and Grim all got together on their adventure, I started getting pulled into the story. I really enjoyed the four of these characters together, and the relationship (or lack thereof?) between Puck and Ash promise to make the next books in this series good ones.I’m trying to decide whether the end would be considered a cliffhanger or not. To me, it’s a logical conclusion of the story while at the same time indicating that Meghan’s story isn’t over yet. And when you consider that The Iron King is the beginning of the series, it’s obvious Meghan’s story is far from being complete. And I will definitely pick up the next books, especially since they are supposed to get better from here. But I don’t feel forced to do this, like I did with other series that will remain nameless. *cough*feverseries*cough*