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Shadow of the Vampire - Meagan Hatfield Original review: http://onabookbender.com/2011/09/12/review-shadow-of-the-vampire-by-meagan-hatfield/Dragons! I heart dragons. Shadow of the Vampire was definitely character driven. The connection and attraction between Declan and Alexia was pretty darn all-consuming, and overshadowed (heh) some negative things I could say like, there wasn’t a lot of world building or I never fully got a handle of the surroundings of the characters or everything happened so fast. But in the end, I focused on Declan and Alexia and that’s all you need to do.Tara was definitely right: there was not a cliffhanger. But you can also tell that there are more books to be had, which is okay. I don’t mind when books wrap up the main story line but leave a few threads open for future books. And although it doesn’t appear that Shadow of the Vampire is part of a series (i.e., it doesn’t have a series label anywhere that I could find), it does appear that there are other books out there that feature characters that appeared in this book.Even though Shadow of the Vampire wasn’t the “funny and light” read I originally had been searching for, it delivered on action (as well as quite of bit of “action”) and romance. It was a fast read; I finished it in a day.