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The Too-Clever Fox

The Too-Clever Fox - Leigh Bardugo The Too Clever Fox is for people who......love the Grisha series...need a Grisha world fix before they start the next book (I haven't read book 2, but, like the other Grisha short story, this isn't dependent on what happens in the full-length books.)...enjoy a little folk lore...want a quick, entertaining read that has nothing to do with massive cocks (What? So many of the books I read do.)...want an introduction to the Grisha world and Leigh Bardugo's writing (Yes. Even this book is a good one to start on.)PS. I refuse to hyphenate "too-clever" as it is everywhere else. Too is an adverb and can only describe clever. The hyphen is unnecessary.The Too Clever Fox was a free book I read on the Tor website on June 6, 2013 for the Why Buy the Cow? reading challenge.