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Someone Like You

Someone Like You - Susan Mallery It's been a long time since I picked up a contemporary romance, but my mood said contemporary and contemporary I got. I was particularly intrigued by the Mafia dons and angry exes. HECK YES DRAMA.But what could have been gritty drama was relatively harmless, making it more of a fluff read than suck-me-into-it escape read. The secondary characters were more interesting to me than Jill and Mac--I especially liked Bev, Jill's aunt, and Emily, Mac's daughter. Every time there was a chance to dig a little deeper into the characters, the story pulled back and moved on.Jill's character got on my nerves a little with her "boring" brown hair and crazy "frizzy" hair that needed to be straightened. (Hey. Curly hair is awesome and brown hair isn't boring.) And her belief that she wasn't sexy (and her obsession with having Mac say it) because she was flat chested. Spoiler: if you've got boobs, men usually like that. Another spoiler: if a guy is going to judge you based on your cup size, you need a different guy. Give me a confident and secure brunette heroine any day. Mac was pretty decent though.I did, however, like how Someone Like You sets up the next book, which had a tendency to intrigue me more than the story I was reading. If someone threw Falling for Gracie at me, I'd catch it instead of bat it away. So while Someone Like You wasn't exactly my favorite book ever, it was an enjoyable way to spend an evening without getting too tied up in huge emotional upheavals.