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Under the Never Sky -

I’m developing this habit of not reading the synopsis before reading the book. The end result is that I have almost no expectations going into a book, and all I knew going into Under the Never Sky was that it was a dystopian. Having just read Legend, I think I was expecting something along those lines. But Under the Never Sky is so not your typical dystopian. And I am glad that it turned out to be a book that exceeded and pummeled all my expectations. (But it was a loving pummel, like a really good massage.)


The WORLD in Under the Never Sky is like a character itself. There is so (so, so, SO) much more to this world than our limited view in this first book. It’s the kind of world that I want to spend more time in (but in the company of someone like Perry, who will keep me safe) and learn more about. The Aether storms. The Outsiders. Being Marked. Aria’s Reverie. It’s all so… fascinating. I want to gather it all up and then pick it apart and then put it back together and watch all the characters.


And the characters! Though the story switches in POV between Aria and Perry, I think Aria really has the greatest journey. At least, her growth and development resonated with me the most. Perry is steadier, maybe. (Though he also grows and changes, but in different ways.) Aria’s whole world is toppled and turned around and smashed into new, different, and better things. But she survives. And who she becomes is, I think, someone to be reckoned with. And Perry. THINGS HAPPEN in Perry’s world.


Originally, I think Under the Never Sky was a bit slow-going at first. It’s the world. It took time to craft and build and become immersed in it. But once THINGS started to HAPPEN, the pace picked up and it was so very difficult to put down. (I took it with me to date night and managed to sneak in a few pages. Yes, it was that good.) I am SO glad I took a chance on Under the Never Sky, and I am also glad that book 2 is out soon, because I need to know what happens. The potential here for the world (and how it affects Perry, Aria, and their relationship) is IMMENSE. And I must know what happens next.