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Scarlet -

There is no second book slump syndrome for Marissa Meyer and the Lunar Chronicles series. Wow. Like Cinder, Scarlet was the kind of book that makes you panic when the pages start dwindling because you don’t want the story to end. I cannot get enough of this story, these characters, and this world. 2014 is too long to wait for the next story


!In Scarlet, we’re introduced to Scarlet (shocking!) and Wolf. Scarlet is a very loosely retold version of Red Riding Hood–complete with red hoodie. What I love about both Lunar Chronicle books is that while being a retelling, these books are so much more. With Cinder’s story arc still continuing into this book, we get to see the world expand and grow in ways that are unique and exciting. So many THINGS HAPPEN!


Though we don’t get to spend as much time with Cinder this time around, we do get introduced to more characters and more, er, stuff. (Sorry. Vagueness needed to ensure no spoilers.) This is Scarlet and Wolf’s story and what a fun one it is. (No, really. It was a “grip the book in your fingers and fly through the words because that scene was so incredibly SWOONY” type story.) I loved the push and pull between Scarlet and Wolf. Their story is different from Cinder and Kai’s, but at the same time it involves a lot of the same elements. (No, I won’t say which.)


And I don’t think I can write this review without mentioning Captain Thorne. He just tickled me silly. Thorne also does a very good job of highlighting the subtle humor that is pervasive throughout the Lunar Chronicles. It’s good fun–the kind of humor that occasionally catches you off guard, but you find yourself cackling at. I want more of Thorne and his “heavy American accent” and I seriously hope he’ll make an appearance in future books. (And Scarlet and Wolf. I want more of them, too. I want ALL THE CHARACTERS.)