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The Boyfriend List (Ruby Oliver Quartet Series #1) - Original review: http://onabookbender.com/2012/04/04/review-the-boyfriend-list-by-e-lockhart/Ruby’s voice throughout the book is what made this story so enjoyable for me. She is wry and funny and not full of angst. Well, there is angst. But it’s wrapped up in enough humor that it isn’t as bad as it could have been. Her narrative jumps all over the place, going from the past to the not so recent past to the present. I like my stories a little bit more linear, so this was one aspect I didn’t like. I usually knew at what point in time Ruby was referring to, though sometimes I got frustrated and just wanted the story to move forward. In many ways, Ruby talks around what actually happened (i.e., the events that led her to “write” the book), dropping hints and bits and pieces along the way.I was never very boy crazy when I was younger, so Ruby typifies a stereotypical teenage girl for me. I feel like The Boyfriend List was truly meant for a YA audience (or at least, one who can appreciate the teenage perspective, as I seem incapable of doing). This means that while The Boyfriend List won’t make any of my favorites list, it will grace the lists of others. I genuinely enjoyed The Boyfriend List, but I didn’t love it.There is a wealth of lessons and dealing with life as a teenager in The Boyfriend List. Through talking with her shrink, Ruby learns to recognize certain traits about herself that lead to anxiety. Like passive aggressiveness and insecurity. Passive aggressiveness, especially, is an issue that is of particular importance because it does not solve relationship issues (of any kind) and actually can create more problems. I have actually seen this happen. Though these things were addressed, I don’t know that they were necessarily resolved to my satisfaction. Part of me wonders if the next book(s) in the series works more on this.Overall, The Boyfriend List is a fun read that is easily devourable — I finished it in two separate sittings. While not for me, The Boyfriend List is well-written and will surely delight others. There is kissing, groping, and references to sex.