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Winterblaze: Number 3 in series (Darkest London)

Winterblaze - Kristen Callihan How I love this series. Though I can't say that book 3 is my favorite, I adored Winston and Poppy. Through Firelight and Moonglow, we've only had the privilege of seeing this couple from the perspective of others.And such a distorted perspective it is.Both Winston and Poppy carry their own secrets. Moonglow left Winston nearly dead and his marriage to Poppy shattered. It was the kind of ending that had me dying to pick up Winterblaze as soon as possible. DYING. (Figuratively, not literally. In case you were worried.)So when the boyfriend's mom asked me if I wanted to borrow her library copy while she had it, I said, "YES!" (I also said thank you. I'm polite like that.)The Darkest London series has a way of cutting through any type of reading "slump" I seem to have. This series just has that quality that pulls me in and doesn't let go. The world we were exposed to in Firelight has grown and expanded and gotten smaller at the same time. Winterblaze builds on what Moonglow opened up and I am excited and anxious to get my hands on Shadowdance.Though I loved Winston and Poppy as characters, their romance wasn't my favorite. They loved each other--clearly. They made mistakes--obviously. But what kept them apart was their stubborn pride and it made me want to sit them down and tell them, "Listen. Let it go. Move on. You two are meant to be together. Also? A little more sexin' and a lot less wantin' would be nice. Y'all are hurting me a little too here."I sincerely hope that the Darkest London series does not end with Shadowdance. This world that Kristen Callihan has created--and the love stories within it--has made this series one of my favorites. Winterblaze has only strengthened that.