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Game: The Sequel to "I Hunt Killers"

Game - Barry Lyga

Barry Lyga, what have you done to my brain??


Game, like I Hunt Killers before it, kept me constantly on edge. Jazz's character is unlike anyone else. You feel the line that Jazz walks between being what his father brought him up to be and being a normal human being--or as normal as Jazz can be.It's an eerie line to walk and part of why this series is so addictive.


With book 2, we get to see the world from both Connie's and Howie's perspectives. It adds an extra layer to the story, expanding the story line and allowing us MOAR. (More drama. More intrigue. More mystery. All good.) The answers that Connie is chasing are perhaps the ones I want answered most, as they're ones that are part of the overriding arc of Billy Dent and just what HE has been up to.


Also? Howie is, quite simply, extremely hilarious and vibrant. I need more Howie in my life.Game is aptly named, with everything seemingly a game of some kind. And while some of our questions are answered--and the games explained--Game seems to open more questions and throw us into deep suspicion: who can we trust? I'm no longer sure which way is up and if there's anyone who is truly worth trusting.(And this is part of why my brain is broken.)


The ending is one that left me needing the next book NOW (and yes, there is one because how could there NOT be one?) and wondering where Barry Lyga will lead us next. Jazz! Connie! Howie!