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Firelight: Number 1 in series (Darkest London)

Firelight - Kristen Callihan Everyone knows by now my need to KNOW EVERYTHING, right? I fondly refer to myself as an information whore. Sometimes this works against my enjoyment of books when I don't get enough information to satisfy my curiosity. Sometimes it has the opposite effect; I have to keep reading because I must know more. Firelight falls under the latter category. This book was so addicting; Kristen Callihan managed to keep me guessing about everything that was going on, while still keeping me engaged and reading.And not only was I continually guessing about ALL THE THINGS in this book, Archer's secrets were always just out of reach. The final reveal was one I was not expecting--but at the same time, it fully kept in line with all the hints that had been dropped along the way. And not only that, but it provides a unique element in the paranormal world. (No, I won't say what. You'll have to read it for yourself.) We get a brief glimpse at the world Kristen Callihan has built in 1881 London, and I think that the next book(s) will only continue to expand our knowledge of the world. And, I must say, I want to know MOAR.Though the romance between Archer and Miranda doesn't really break any new grounds, it was familiar and comfortable, like putting on your pajamas and snuggling into bed on a cold day. Their push and pull was fun and entertaining. Nothing makes me happier than a romance with a headstrong heroine and the enigmatic hero who can't help falling in love with her. WIN. Firelight was one of those books that just hits all the right spots. And I can't wait for more.