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Tricked - Kevin Hearne Jumping back into this series is like sliding into your favorite pair of quirky pajamas. You find yourself in a state of amused contentment. I mean, really. How can you pass up mentions of boners in the rain and guilt ferrets? YOU CAN'T. (Well, you can. But why would you want to? It's so much FUN.)So, each book seems to get Atticus into deeper shit. His quiet, safe life is neither anymore. (For the record, I get it. I mean, it wouldn't be a book series without deep shit, right? And I like it. The more trouble Atticus gets into, the more he proves just how bad ass he really is.) Guys, THINGS HAPPEN in this book. I had some moments of true fear for Atticus and the gang. Skinwalkers are terrifying. (They were terrifying when Karina Halle wrote about them, and if possible, Kevin Hearne made them even more terrifying.) But there are more books in this series, so I'll let you figure out the implications of that yourself.No review of the Iron Druid Chronicles would be complete without mention of Oberon. Anyone with a pet can understand Atticus's connection with Oberon. Oberon is more than my favorite animal character--he is one of my favorite sidekicks. It's true that I am part crazy dog lady (Okay, fine. Total crazy dog lady) and that makes me predisposed to liking dogs in books. But Oberon is charming and witty and you can't NOT love him. I'm also rather curious about how Atticus's relationship with Granuaile will progress. There are some subtle romantic undertones that I find fascinating.Bottom line: this book is fabulous. This series is fabulous. I recommend it to anyone I can. (I also recommend the audiobook versions. I listened to Hexed and Hammered on audiobook, and I did actually miss that experience with Tricked.) The Iron Druid Chronicles has everything you'd want in a book: Druids, nakedness, mythology, heaps of wit + lip curling snark, nature, a faithful hound, and 2100 years of accumulated stories. (And more. So much more.)