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In Bed with a Highlander - Maya Banks Kelly has massive love for Maya's historical romances and I follow Kelly wherever she goes. Errr... or something. Anyway. I see why Kelly likes these books. In Bed with a Highlander was good, sexy fun. In the historical times. After finishing In Bed with a Highlander, I had to have the other two books in the trilogy.I love--LOOOOOVE--a good historical book. I think I have already mentioned that I like books set in the past, and this is true. But historical romances are one of my FAVORITE types of books because they combine both HISTORY and ROMANCE. And, you know, those are awesome. I haven't reviewed many historical books on my blog (I've been tugged in the paranormal direction), but I should change that. Because In Bed with a Highlander was that good and now I need MOAR.Highlanders lend themselves well to historical romances (at least for me) because they capitalize on my favorite types of romance characters. The strong, alpha man who tumbles under the wiles of a stubborn and strong-spirited woman (who, most of the time, doesn't even realize she has feminine wiles at her disposal). And the POSSESSIVENESS. Done right, it's a lot of fun. And Maya Banks does it right. Ewan and Mairin sparked like crazy.This is a pretty standard historical romance. Nothing new or crazy going on here, but that didn't stop me from devouring In Bed with a Highlander in a single afternoon. Being the first in the trilogy, In Bed with a Highlander also set the stage a bit for the next books. (*flails* Want. Them. Now.) In Bed with a Highlander is like that comfy pair of pajamas you put on at the end of a really long and tiring day. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. And that is the best kind of book.