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Triptych - Karin Slaughter The book is written in third person, but we have different narrators throughout. It starts with Michael Ormewood whom I did not like. This is partly why I wasn’t sure whether I’d end up liking the book. I wanted to see things from Will Trent’s perspective, and I wasn’t really fond of Michael. Once Michael’s stint as narrator is over, it shifts between John Shelley, a “loser” ex-con, Will Trent, and Angie Polaski.There were threads woven throughout this plot that intertwined in the most interesting ways. I like Karin Slaughter’s books already, but I think her true story telling abilities really shine through with this book. She connects points in her plot without explicitly saying so, leaving it to the reader to make the inferences and final judgment. But I also never felt like I was missing out on anything, and many times after I had made a connection, pieces of the puzzle would click together as previous parts of the plot took on an entirely new meaning.I’m more curious about Will Trent than anything. There wasn’t enough information available to really learn a lot about him, but the things I did learn just made me want to find out more. Karin Slaughter has a knack for creating broken characters who struggle to rise above their pasts.See the review in its entirety here.