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Beyond Reach (Grant County)

Beyond Reach - Karin Slaughter Actual rating: 3.5Sometimes it felt as if nothing was going on. It alternated between Lena and Sara/Jeffrey. Lena’s part of the story, for most of the book anyway, was a couple days in the past, so whenever you read about her, it filled gaps in the investigation you already knew was going on. I actually liked this aspect of the plot. But there was something about the plot that seemed stagnant for a while before it picked up at the end.This book was set, not in Grant County, but in Reese, Lena’s hometown. We finally get to learn more about her past – Hank, her mother. Beyond that, there is a story of terrible corruption and drug addiction. I know that many small towns in the US are faced with similar problems. If not the corruption, then the drug addiction and drug trade for sure. This is something that probably deserves more attention than it is getting.For as much as what was uncovered in this book, the implications of this will clearly spill over into other books (I would say this even if I hadn’t read the back of the next few books). And so, I must plod forward.See my review in its entirety here.