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Blood Magic (The Blood Journals, #1) - Tessa Gratton Actual rating: 4.5Blood Magic is told from a total of 4 different character perspectives, all of them in the first person. This was probably my only complaint. One first person narration I can handle, but more makes the switch difficult, even with clearly marked headings. The transitions between Silla and Nick were the most difficult to make, but I found myself overlooking this annoyance after realizing how each character was given his or her own voice that was as subtle as it was profound.Josephine – who we are introduced to first – baffled me at first because there is no indication of the role she plays in Silla’s and Nick’s story. But it was a bafflement that I knew would not last, and served to make me curse the story for not going faster, at the same time wishing I could read it forever. The romance between Silla and Nick was sweet, and didn’t feel forced or too fast; I felt the inexplicable draw they felt toward each other. Between Silla and Nick, I liked Nick better and looked forward to the portions that he narrated, but I don’t think that is really all that relevant. Perhaps it was just my personal preference.Knowing that every character in the book was important in some way kept me engaged. Even characters that did not narrate – Nick’s mom, Silla’s brother – play a vital role in how the story and various plot lines are woven together into one glorious tapestry. Tessa Gratton knows how to tell a story, and her writing style is descriptive without being overdone and tedious. We were told everything we needed to know for this story, and at the same time, there are tendrils that remain waving free and unanswered, hopefully to be addressed in the second book of this series. There is a delicate balance between the knowledge we are given right away, and the knowledge that is held back for us to piece everything together at the end, and Tessa manages this balance with skill.Full review: http://onabookbender.com/2011/06/15/review-blood-magic-by-tessa-gratton/