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Bayou Moon - Ilona Andrews Original review: http://onabookbender.com/2012/08/08/review-bayou-moon-by-ilona-andrews/I further retract any disappointment I had over this series not having the same main characters every book. Cerise and William were a ton of fun, and I really enjoyed the way William was. Because he is a changeling, he processes life a bit differently. He is often ruled by his wild (wolf) side, and this makes him…interesting. Almost more logical, like every emotional situation is a mathematical problem that must be analyzed and solved. I love this kind of character.Upon reflection, I find that Bayou Moon and On the Edge are both very similar books, but at the same time, they never feel that way. The characters are unique enough, and the situations different enough that both of these books feel like their own story. The characters’ basic qualities are very similar, though. Bayou Moon features a strong-willed heroine, caring for her family and a hero on a mission who finds his mate almost by accident (or fate; whichever you prefer). And it was perfect.What does pique my interest here, and not necessarily in a good way (though not bad either), is that though the majority of the book was played out in the Edge, the characters end up in the Weird — just like On the Edge. It seems like bit of a formula. I believe I understand why, though. It just gives me pause.The bad guy is bad. And insane. Have you ever noticed how insane bad guys are infinitely more satisfying as bad guys? And not insane like crazy, but insane in the sense that he thinks his ideas — whatever they are — are completely rational, and he believe that his actions, no matter how heinous, are completely legitimate and justified. It is chilling, and I love it.If you’re an Ilona Andrews fan, and you haven’t started this series, get to it now! And if you’re a paranormal fan, this book (and series) would probably appeal to you as well.