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Once Burned - Jeaniene Frost I want to start this review saying that I genuinely enjoyed Once Burned. Don't doubt that.However, I think that I must have gotten caught up in the hype surrounding this book, because I was expecting something....more. I'm not sure what, but I did feel that there was something missing. Or maybe it's there and I just missed it. It's possible. In specific reference to Chapter 36: either it was hyped too much or Kelly has corrupted me because I don't know that it was necessarily worth mentioning much. It was nice, yes. But, again, I was looking for something more.Other than the brief flashback to one of the Night Huntress series books that I got about 2/3 or so into the book, I felt it stood well on its own. Leila's powers were fascinating, Vlad was ever so entertaining, and the ending shakes things up enough so that the next book has a lot of potential.Once Burned is a good escape read. It's enjoyable. I'll be picking up the next in the series for sure.