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Ashes, Ashes

Ashes, Ashes - Jo Treggiari 3.5The beginning of this book reads pretty slowly as the world is built. The world is complex and dark, which I loved, but listening to the audiobook when I was tired meant that I didn't always pay attention, and many times I opted to listen to the radio when I was too tired to pay attention to the audiobook. Thus, it took me longer than usual to finish this audiobook.However, once the world was set and Lucy was no longer on her own, the story picked up. And then I really started to enjoy the book. I loved the desolate feel of this world, being nearly wiped out by a plague. Lucy's role in it all was key, but I don't know that this was ever really explored all that much. There was enough left unanswered and open that this could, in theory, turn into a series. Or just a sequel.I liked Lucy. She was tough and determined, though often somewhat dense. The romance between Lucy and Aidan was sweet and slow, though, really, I could have done without the love triangle that wasn't really a love triangle but walked and quacked like one for a while.