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My Soul to Save - Rachel Vincent Kaylee has a tendency to bring out the adult in me, which means that sometimes she gets on my nerves, but still a very good teenage character who acts before she considers the consequences yet always has good intentions.I started My Soul to Save after my teaching semester started, which was why it took me so long to finish the book (and why I'm writing a GR review and not one on my blog). I found this to be another solid installment; the second book explores the world a bit more, and gives us a glimpse of Kaylee's powers, as well as the Netherworld.I've been told THINGS HAPPEN in the third book (as well as that the series gets better), and I think this interfered with my enjoyment of this book because I just wanted to get to the THINGS THAT HAPPEN and that meant holding off on getting attached to characters in this book, and feeling like I wanted to get through this book ASAP.Looking forward to My Soul to Keep, though.