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Something Secret This Way Comes (Secret McQueen, #1)

Something Secret This Way Comes (Secret McQueen, #1) - Sierra Dean 3.5I'm torn what to think about about this book. I liked it. I definitely did. But it pushed a couple buttons I don't like being pushed: love triangles and cliffhangers.There's really no way around the cliffhanger I suppose, but the love triangle was definitely interesting. It was better than most, yes, but it's also partly because there didn't really seem to be any time to get to know and make a connection with either werewolf, despite there being sex. I was all, "Woe! Who to choose?!" even as Secret is smexing it up with one of her love triangle options. It's likely this made it easier to deal.Other than that, I adored this world, and I adored Secret. Secret is bad ass, and she's got a secret. A big one. It influences her decisions and basically her entire life. I wanted to spend more time getting to know Secret and her world, but this book felt remarkably short. Too short, almost, and incomplete, given the cliffhanger.I want to know what happens next, though. Even if I am a little worried about said love triangle.Note: downloaded as a free Amazon download on Feb. 1, 2012