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Ascension - Felicity E. Heaton I didn't dislike this book, though I didn't particularly like it, either. I suppose a 2.5 rating would be more accurate. I went in looking for some smut, and got, as Tara said, a lot of repetitiveness about love and feelings, to the point where I got confused about who thought what and I just started to skim. First they were sure the other loved them, then they didn't know because the words "I love you" were never mentioned and it just kind of got tangled all up.The world building was minimal, and I could have done with a little more information about witches and demons (and vampires) as they seemed to play by slightly different rules than I'm used to. Perhaps I could have overlooked this in favor of the romance, but the romance wasn't a favorite.I also caught a few typos and that always rankles my inner editor.I got Ascension as a free download from Amazon on March 25, 2012.