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Magic Bleeds - Ilona Andrews Originally reviewed with Kelly: http://onabookbender.com/2012/05/14/joint-review-with-soulswallo-magic-bleeds-by-ilona-andrews/Kelly: The beginning of this book was so hard to read. OMG! Kate and her broken heart. It hurt. She hurt. I wanted to hurt Curran. It was tough transitioning from the end of book 3 where things felt like they were looking up between Curran and Kate to this heartache. *cries a little inside* That said, I was instantly, irrevocably, undeniably hooked and I HAD TO KNOW what was going on because WOE! KATE DIDN’T DESERVE THIS!Amanda: Yes. And, like I texted you at the beginning of the book, there were two things I wanted to see happen. 1. An explanation of Curran’s douche baggery (I had really wanted to use douche canoe here but douche canoery didn’t have quite the same ring to it). And 2. more sexy times. Until I got both of those, I wouldn’t be happy. And let’s just say that I got happy. *holds up seven fingers*Kelly: *laughs long and hard* Yes! YES! That!Amanda: Oh! And let’s not forget about all the pranks that happen. The tension between Kate and Curran is irresistible. And hilarious. But if I had to sum up this book in a few words, I’d have to say: a lot of shit goes down. Kate can’t really catch a break. Her secrets are getting out. Everyone wants a piece of her.Kelly: Her secrets are flying around like monkeys with wings, if you ask me. That said, I loved how the bad guys in this book helped reveal more about Kate’s heritage. Her family tree is one gnarly mess, isn’t it?Amanda: Yes. And you thought YOUR family was bad. I think I’d take a pig slaughter conversation over dinner than any time spent with Kate’s family. Seriously though, I was utterly and completely captivated by this book. This series has a way of pulling me under its spell and only releasing me once it is finally over. Returning to earth is like coming up for air after holding your breath underwater for as long as possible. It makes you want to pick up the next book in the series the minute you catch your breath after finishing the previous one.Kelly: Uggh. In case you’re wondering, I know far more about pig slaughtering than any person who isn’t a butcher should know. *shudders* I am wicked glad we decided to start this series, btw. The books really have gotten stronger as the series goes on. The bad guys keep getting more terrifying and everything is pointing toward a showdown of epic proportions in later books.Amanda: The Kate Daniels series is slowly inching into the category of my favorite series. You’re right. These books only get better. And scarier. So much happened in Magic Bleeds that I wasn’t sure how Kate was going to come out on top. I love how Kate has evolved as a character; she is so different from the Kate we met in Magic Bites, determined not to form any attachments. Kate has attachments in spades now. I loved the addition of the attack poodle. LOVE.Kelly: Who wouldn’t love the attack poodle? That ferocious beast! But, yes. I agree with you that Kate has developed nicely as the series progresses. She has people she’s willing to fight for now. She has ties that she’s unwilling to sever.Amanda: I just love everything about this series. I love Kate. I want her life. Minus the fighting and getting hurt and everyone trying to kill me. But I like Curran and I’d have magical lion babies with him.Kelly: We had magical lion babies with Curran’s magical lion loins in the last review, didn’t we?Amanda: I think so. But you know what? No one said having magical lion babies was a one time thing.Kelly: Good point. And Curran’s magical lion loins don’t shut down after the first time.Amanda: *holds up seven fingers again*Kelly: *laughs uproariously*