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Angels' Blood - Nalini Singh Probably more of a 3.5 rating.This is only the second Nalini Singh book I've been exposed to, but I did end up enjoying it. Where the other book I read was the first book in the PNR psy-changeling series, Angels' Blood has more of an urban fantasy feel, even though there is definitely romance.I haven't read too many angel books, but this one was fascinating. It's always fun when angels are bad ass, scary, and slightly removed from humanity. The world building was quite phenomenal (better than that in Slave to Sensation, anyway) and I am intrigued where the series will go next.Angels' Blood had a few key parts that usually always signal a win for me: a headstrong heroine who is tough, has balls (metaphorically speaking), and does everything she can for the man (or angel) she falls for and a hero who walks the line between good and bad, who is powerful, and who cannot help but be overcome by his heroine. Win win win.I'm still pretty new to the audiobook thing, but I enjoyed the narration. I think it captured the tone of the book pretty well.