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Enclave (Razorland Series #1) - Original review: http://onabookbender.com/2012/01/30/review-enclave-by-ann-aguirre/Despite my lukewarm feelings toward zombie post-apocalyptic books, I felt that Enclave is part dystopian as well, and I think, for me at least, this is what makes it stand above other zombie books I have read in the past. And, of course, they are not zombies, but Freaks. The characters don’t seem to know much about the Freaks, and I found this both frustrating and exciting/scary. It took me a few chapters to get into the book, but once I did, it was difficult to put down. Once Deuce became a Hunter and got paired with Fade, things started getting interesting.Other than a questionable name (I think I just spend too much time around guys), I liked Deuce’s character. Because of certain events that happen in the book, there was a period of adjustment that Deuce had to go through, and I think it was handled very well; it was both believable and stayed true to Deuce’s personality. And, for that, I was happy, because I have seen transitions in other books where the adjustment period was less than believable. I loved Fade, but I also felt a larger connection with him in the first part of Enclave. There were other things going on towards the second half of Enclave and it seemed like Fade took a backseat. I hope that changes in Outpost.While the world building was vivid and real, the reasons for why the world the way it is is still unclear. This, in addition to the connection with the characters, makes me want to continue with the series. I want to know what happened. I am also very curious about the enclave and how that society came about. We don’t really learn much about its origins other than through Deuce’s beliefs and the society’s rules.