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Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare Original review: http://onabookbender.com/2012/02/01/review-clockwork-prince-by-cassandra-clare/It is extremely difficult to talk about what happened in Clockwork Prince without giving a lot away, so instead I will share a conversation that I had with Tara upon finishing the book.Me: I just finished reading Clockwork Prince. I’m not sure I want to cry or be sick. OMG.Tara: Is that the second on the spinoff series or the first?Me: The second. Angel is the first. IT HURTS.Tara: That does and does not make me want to read it.Me: It’s like an OMG, I am so emotionally invested in this book and holy SHIT that decision tears me apart, and OH GOD, WILL.Tara: Oh no. Oh I don’t think I can read it. At least not until the next one comes out.Me: OH GOD. The next one doesn’t come out until the end of the year. *curls up in a ball*Tara: Yeah I’m definitely waiting.Me: BUT WHO WILL I TALK TO!? I will have to keep the pain locked inside me where it will fester and grow.Tara: Sounds like PABD.Me: *cries* Nooooooo, anything but that!Tara: Step 1: acknowledge you have PABD.Me: No. I am still in denial. Leave me in my misery!Tara: Step 2: pick another book or reread a favorite passage of an old book.Me: I CANNOT TOUCH ANOTHER BOOK.Do you really need a real review after that conversation? What? Yes? Okay, here goes. Even with the non-spoilery reviews, I knew Clockwork Prince was going to affect me on some level. I was not quite expecting to feel nearly physically ill upon finishing with the way this book tore me up. And yes, the love triangle plays a large part in my upset (have I mentioned before how much I dislike love triangles?). How could it not? But enough of that.In addition to Will, Jem, and Tessa, we really get to see and learn more about the other characters like Sophie, Charlotte, and Henry. (side note: I love Magnus Bane, I really do…but I love Will more. WILL!) All this time spent on characters allows the story to develop and for us to become more attached not just to Tessa’s story, but to everyone else’s story as well.While there is an ending to the book, there is still a lot more left hanging, certain mysteries that still require solving. I can only hope that there are the answers I need in Clockwork Princess and that my heart can be repaired. Er… I mean, I hope that there is a satisfactory conclusion, love triangle wise.Damn love triangles.